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U.S. House Passes the Keep Your Coins Act of 2023

In a significant milestone for the crypto community, the U.S. House Financial Services Committee recently approved the groundbreaking legislation known as the “Keep Your Coins Act of 2023.” This crucial bill aims to safeguard the rights of crypto users to retain custody of their digital assets in self-hosted wallets.

Championing Financial Freedom

The visionary proposal was put forward by Republican representative Warren Davidson, who eagerly shared the news of the bill’s legal clearance via Twitter. He emphasized the essence of financial freedom, stating:

“Those opposing self-custody are against individual freedom. They wish to have someone they control in charge of your assets.”

The legislation not only champions individual freedom but also empowers people to utilize their digital assets for personal transactions, such as purchasing goods and services, without undue interference from federal agencies.

Resolving Past Woes

The Financial Services Committee recognized that the bill addresses a crucial issue that emerged following the collapse of the FTX exchange last year. Numerous users found themselves unable to access their funds as a substantial portion of their assets remained trapped within the defunct exchange.

Since then, self-custody has become a widespread concept. Recent crackdowns on centralized entities like Binance and Coinbase have spurred users to withdraw their funds, seeking the security and autonomy that self-hosted wallets provide.

Embracing Regulatory Clarity

The House Committee’s approval represents the latest achievement in a series of crypto-related bills making headway through the United States’ legislative process over the past week. Alongside the historic passage of the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act, legislators also greenlit the Clarity for Payments Stablecoin legislation.

These timely legislative developments mark a positive departure from the United States’ historically inconsistent regulatory approach to the cryptocurrency market. Over the years, the actions of U.S. regulators have often been criticized as “regulation by enforcement.”

A Turning Point for Crypto

The passage of the “Keep Your Coins Act of 2023” heralds a turning point for the crypto industry in the United States. By securing the right to self-custody, crypto users gain greater control over their digital assets, reducing reliance on centralized exchanges and bolstering financial sovereignty.

Unlocking Financial Sovereignty

In the realm of cryptocurrency, financial sovereignty is a core tenet. The ability to control one’s assets without interference from third parties ensures true ownership and autonomy. With the passing of the “Keep Your Coins Act of 2023,” the United States embraces this crucial principle, paving the way for a more vibrant and secure crypto ecosystem.

Democratizing Finance with Self-Custody

The new legislation championed by Warren Davidson seeks to democratize finance by empowering individuals with self-custody rights. No longer subjected to the whims of centralized platforms, crypto users can freely transact and manage their assets on their terms.

Safeguarding Against Exchange Failures

The collapse of the FTX exchange highlighted the risks associated with centralized custody. By retaining control over their digital assets in self-hosted wallets, users fortify themselves against potential exchange failures and hacks.

A Paradigm Shift in Regulatory Approach

The recent legislative advancements in the United States signify a paradigm shift in the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies. Moving away from a reactive “regulation by enforcement” stance, the government demonstrates a proactive commitment to fostering a thriving and transparent crypto market.

Paving the Way for Mainstream Adoption

With regulatory clarity and the protection of self-custody rights, the U.S. crypto market becomes more appealing to mainstream investors and businesses. This, in turn, can spur greater adoption and integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday financial activities.


The approval of the “Keep Your Coins Act of 2023” by the U.S. House Financial Services Committee marks a landmark moment for the cryptocurrency space. By safeguarding the right to self-custody, the legislation empowers individuals, promotes financial sovereignty, and enhances regulatory clarity. As the crypto industry enters a new era of democratized finance, these advancements position the United States as a forward-thinking leader in the global crypto landscape.

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