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Mindverse Unveils MindOS: A Generative AI Tool for NFT and Web3 Commerce

Singapore-based generative AI firm Mindverse has developed a versatile tool for automating customer service and sales interactions. MindOS utilizes generative AI technology, which allows the users to train the AI on industry-specific knowledge and firm-specific policies. The company is set to release the tool’s Closed Beta on April 18 and April 21, with free beta licenses on offer for participants.

The technology behind MindOS makes it possible to train virtual AI beings, known as AI Geniuses, with industry-specific knowledge. The AI model is supported by a customizable Large Language Model (LLM), which is designed to understand and generate human-like text based on vast amounts of linguistic data. Mindverse created MindOS with customer service and e-commerce uses in mind, with a particular focus on the crypto, NFT, and Web3 sectors.

Use Cases for MindOS

MindOS has several possible use cases in the NFT, Web3, crypto, and blockchain spaces. It can be used as a chatbot and a process automation tool for workplace productivity. Users can create virtual assistants to schedule meetings and sales reps that make product recommendations. Additionally, MindOS offers the following benefits:

  • Integrating generative AI into your coin or NFT project to tap into the generative AI buzz, while adding value and reducing costs in business operations.
  • Rapid answers on exchange rates and transaction status.
  • Instant responses on order management and order status.
  • Product discovery and information on NFT creators and their work.
  • The ability to create NFTs such as avatars that talk and interact with others inside metaverse gaming and virtual worlds.
  • Qualifying sales leads through conversations that better contextualize the needs of the lead, allowing for more efficient lead generation and conversion.

Premier Features of MindOS AI Geniuses

MindOS boasts several premier features, including a unique Unified Mind Model with exceptional customizability. This feature allows businesses to create AI beings tailored to their specific needs. AI Geniuses can listen, move, and respond to customers, supporting image, text, video, and voice. They can proactively respond to queries without an initial text prompt. The tool deploys a Unified Mind Model – an Artificial General Intelligence Model inspired by the human brain.

The MindOS library supports over 30 languages and 35 product integrations and hosts over 1,000 predesigned AI beings. Moreover, AI beings created with these powerful applications can understand emotions, answer with common sense using NLP, and act the way your team members do in terms of gestures and looks. They can also learn about your company through drag-and-drop manuals and remember your customers’ preferences and needs thanks to long-term memory capabilities. AI beings created with MindOS answer questions within three seconds.

How Will the Closed Beta Launch Run?

The Closed Beta launch is open to a limited number of developers, creators, distributors, journalists, and IT teams. During the beta launch, users can create customizable AI beings, personalize their appearances, and experiment with real-time drag-and-drop tools to interact with the MindOS.

Following the announcement, Fangbo Tao, co-founder, and the CEO of Mindverse, commented, “We look forward to feedback from our Closed Beta participants and to seeing how our users creatively apply MindOS to build virtual beings that solve productivity bottlenecks and the drudgery of mundane tasks.“

The Closed Beta will occur in a series of webinars. Two sessions with different time zones will be offered. You can request your spot now for the Western Hemisphere on April 18 and for the Eastern Hemisphere on April 21. Each session will begin with an overview of the MindOS tool, followed by an AMA

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