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Nouns 3D-Printed Collection: A Breakthrough in NFT Fashion

Nouns DAO‘s NFTs are not just pieces of art or digital assets, they are the inspiration behind the latest breakthrough in the fashion industry. The Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection, designed by Danit Peleg, took center stage at the NFT Paris event, mesmerizing the attendees with its unique designs and futuristic appeal.

Inspiration Behind the Collection

The Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection is inspired by the Nouns DAO’s open-source intellectual property. Peleg’s collection featured five outfits, each drawing inspiration from specific Nouns NFTs from the popular profile picture (PFP) collection. The iconic Nouns glasses, or “Noggles,” and carefully recreated avatars from the Nouns brand were the primary design elements.

Innovative Use of New Technologies

Danit Peleg is well-known for her innovative use of new technologies in fashion design, and the Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection is no exception. The apparel was created using various 3D printing processes, such as Polyjet and Multi Jet Fusion, which allowed for intricate designs and unique shapes. The result is a collection of eye-catching, futuristic, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Nouns DAO Creating Opportunities

Launched in 2021, the Nouns DAO has rapidly become a favorite within the Ethereum community, thanks to its open-source IP and community-driven approach. To further demonstrate the potential of NFTs, the project funded the Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection for $140,000, granted in three separate milestones.

Building Trust with the Community

Danit Peleg highlighted the importance of building trust with the community. She believes that trust is essential for any project that wishes to explore the boundaries of NFTs. Peleg’s ability to start small and deliver value earned her community’s support, resulting in higher funding.

Creative Possibilities for Designers

The Nouns DAO’s creative and progressive approach to intellectual property has opened up a wealth of creative possibilities for designers like Peleg, who use NFTs to create unique collections and projects. The project’s open-source Creative Commons 0 (CC0) model allows anyone without a Nouns NFT to develop and market their projects and products based on the brand.


The Nouns 3D-Printed Fashion Collection is a testament to the potential of NFTs in fashion design. The innovative use of new technologies, combined with the Nouns DAO’s community-driven approach to intellectual property, has created a unique collection that has taken the fashion industry by storm. Danit Peleg’s ability to create trust within the community, along with her domain expertise in 3D printing and fashion, has resulted in a breakthrough in NFT-driven fashion. The Nouns DAO’s open-source CC0 model has created a strong community of supporters and opened up new creative possibilities for designers.

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