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World Champion Apes: The Football Revolution Enabled by Blockchain Technology

The World Champion Apes project presents itself as one of the most innovative ventures in the world of cryptocurrencies today. This scouting agency stands out for its expert observers who identify the most promising talents in the football industry. By utilizing blockchain technology, World Champion Apes makes football accessible to everyone, opening up new perspectives and opportunities.

The WCA Token: The Key to the Business Ecosystem

At the core of World Champion Apes‘ business ecosystem lies the WCA token. This token enables its holders to participate in the organization’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform. Holding the WCA token also offers the potential for profits through its increasing value over time, mirroring the growth of the company itself.

The DAO Platform: Participate in Decision-Making

The DAO platform represents World Champion Apes‘ strength as it allows the community to actively participate in business decisions. Here, every individual has the opportunity to vote, express their opinions on company proposals, attend meetings, and earn income through their assets. The DAO platform creates an inclusive and democratic environment where everyone has a voice.

Access to the Football World through Tokens and NFTs

Until now, access to the world of football has been a privilege reserved for a select few. However, thanks to World Champion Apes, this reality is changing. Now, there is a genuine opportunity to be part of this world through the acquisition of tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Discover how to obtain the assets (tokens and NFTs) of the World Champion Apes project and become part of this football revolution.

World Champion Apes: A Vast and Collaborative Network

Unlike many other cryptocurrency projects, World Champion Apes is built upon a vast network that offers marketing plans, sales incentives, and rewards, all managed by dedicated software. This complex software manages different levels of earnings for all individuals involved in sales, creating a fair and advantageous environment for everyone.

Merchandising: Show Your Support

For crypto art enthusiasts, World Champion Apes offers an official store featuring a wide range of exclusive WCAPES branded clothing and merchandise. By purchasing these high-quality products, you can satisfy your passion for crypto art and display a unique style.

Governance: Transparency and Participation

World Champion Apes’ governance is directly managed by the company itself, which owns the rights to the logo, name, and NFTs. The WCA token and the democratic voting platform DAO are also owned by the company, granting token holders access to the company’s decision-making processes. The distribution of participation shares is as follows: the company holds 31%, players and partners hold 20%, while the remaining 49% is reserved for DAO holders selected through an algorithm based on asset rankings.

Ambassadors: Football Icons

Naif Hazazi, Roberto Carlos and Walter Zenga

Among the ambassadors of World Champion Apes, we find Roberto Carlos, a football legend recognized as one of the best left-backs in the history of the sport. Other notable ambassadors include Walter Zenga, a renowned former Italian football player and coach, and Naif Hazazi, a former Saudi Arabian footballer considered one of the best in his generation.

NFT WCA Strongbox: A New Opportunity

By purchasing WCA StrongBoxes, you can protect your $WCA from price volatility, actively contribute to the project, and gain access to the WCA referral program.

CoinFinance Supports World Champion Apes

The CoinFinance team strongly believes in the World Champion Apes project and has decided to support the company and our loyal readers. To launch the WCA token on the MEXC platform, funds need to be raised. As supporters of the World Champion Apes project, we have decided to waive our 20% and refund it to any reader who chooses to purchase WCA StrongBoxes through our link.

This initiative will have a limited duration, until the final deadline for listing the WCA token on the MEXC exchange. However, valuing our readers, we have decided that even after the countdown ends, we will still refund 10% on future strongbox purchases.

Feel the excitement and be part of the World Champion Apes revolution today!

20% discount will end on 2023-07-22 00:00 

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