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Starbucks Launches The Green Apron NFT Collection

Starbucks, the iconic coffee company, is unveiling its newest NFT collection, The Green Apron, as part of its loyalty and rewards program, Starbucks Odyssey.

Exploring The Green Apron NFT Collection

This highly-anticipated collection pays tribute to Starbuck‘ rich history and the dedicated baristas who have been serving customers for over half a century. The Green Apron NFT collection features 5,000 limited-edition digital collectibles, each representing a unique aspect of Starbucks’ journey – from the original Pike Place apron to the iconic Siren apron worn by baristas today. For coffee enthusiasts and collectors, this collection offers a remarkable opportunity to own a piece of Starbucks’ heritage.

Unlocking the Value: Pricing and Access

To make it enticing for NFT enthusiasts, Starbucks has set the price of each NFT stamp at an attractive $100.00. However, loyal Starbucks Odyssey members and employees will enjoy early access to the collection, with public access opening at 3:00 p.m. EST.

Empowering Starbucks Odyssey with Polygon

In a bold move to venture into the world of Web3 and NFTs, Starbucks has partnered with Polygon, a leading blockchain technology provider. This collaboration lays the groundwork for Starbucks Odyssey, a revolutionary Web3 project that aims to transform the loyalty and rewards program.

By leveraging Polygon’s efficient and scalable blockchain solutions, Starbucks is determined to offer customers a seamless and immersive Web3 experience. Starbucks Odyssey will introduce unique digital collectibles and rewards through NFTs, adding a fresh twist to traditional loyalty programs.

Building on Success: Starbucks Journey Stamps

Before The Green Apron, Starbucks released the Journey Stamps NFT collection in March of this year. Comprising a series of digital collectibles priced at $100 each, these NFTs became an instant hit. In a matter of fewer than 20 minutes, all 5,000 limited-edition Journey Stamps NFTs were sold out, showcasing Starbucks’ ability to captivate its audience in the digital collectibles world. The resounding success of Journey Stamps acted as a catalyst, inspiring Starbucks to explore the vast potential of Web3 and NFTs.

Embracing Innovation and Customer Engagement

Starbucks‘ venture into Web3 and NFTs is a pivotal moment in the company’s journey of innovation and customer engagement. The Green Apron NFT collection stands as a heartfelt tribute to Starbucks’ heritage and the invaluable contribution of its baristas in shaping the brand.

Looking Ahead: Starbucks Odyssey

As The Green Apron NFT collection readies for its debut on Nifty Gateway, Starbucks is committed to delivering unforgettable experiences through Starbucks Odyssey. The partnership with Polygon has set the stage for Starbucks to redefine loyalty and rewards programs by seamlessly integrating NFTs. This bold move solidifies Starbucks’ position as a trailblazer in the rapidly evolving world of Web3.


The launch of The Green Apron NFT collection marks a momentous occasion for Starbucks, celebrating its legacy while embracing the possibilities of Web3 and NFTs. As Starbucks Odyssey takes flight, the future promises exciting and innovative ways for Starbucks to engage with its customers and enthusiasts worldwide. So, get ready to own a piece of Starbucks’ history and become part of this extraordinary journey in the world of digital collectibles.

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