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US Dollar’s Enduring Dominance – Moody’s Analysis

In a recent report, Moody’s Investor Service emphasized that the US dollar’s longstanding dominance in international trade and finance will endure for decades, despite emerging challenges and the possibility of a more multipolar currency system. While speculations about the decline of the dollar have arisen due to a decline in its share of central bank reserves, geopolitical tensions, and US political dynamics, Moody’s argues that no viable alternatives currently exist to replace the greenback. This article explores the factors supporting the US dollar’s continued dominance and the challenges it may face in the near term.

The Importance of the US Dollar

Resilience Amidst Challenges

Despite potential risks to the US dollar’s position, such as confidence-sapping policy mistakes by US authorities, Moody’s highlights the dollar’s resilience in the face of adversity. Even in scenarios like a potential US default on its debt, the greenback’s position remains formidable.

Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Recent negotiations between the White House and Republican representatives have shown progress in addressing the government’s $31.4 trillion debt ceiling. While negotiations continue, failure to reach an agreement before the Treasury Department’s June 1 deadline could result in a catastrophic default, underlining the urgency of resolving this issue.

Declining Share of Reserves

The US dollar’s share of official foreign exchange (FX) reserves has declined to a 20-year low of 58% in the fourth quarter of 2022, down from approximately 78% at the beginning of the century, according to data from the International Monetary Fund. Despite this decline, Moody’s acknowledges the likelihood of further decreases but highlights the challenges facing current rivals, such as the euro and renminbi, in matching the US dollar’s core strengths.

us Dollar

Factors Supporting US Dollar Dominance

Size and Openness of the US Economy

The US dollar benefits from the size and openness of the US economy, contributing to its dominance in international trade and finance. The robustness of the US economy, characterized by its vast consumer market and entrepreneurial spirit, enables the dollar to maintain its position as a preferred currency for global transactions.

Safety and Depth of the US Treasury Market

Another critical factor in the dollar’s dominance is the safety and depth of the US treasury market. Investors around the world consider US Treasury bonds as a secure investment, providing stability and liquidity. The US Treasury market’s depth facilitates the financing needs of the US government, enhancing the dollar’s credibility and attractiveness.


While concerns about the US dollar’s dominance have arisen in recent times, Moody’s Investor Service asserts that the greenback’s position will endure for decades to come. Despite its declining share of central bank reserves, the absence of viable alternatives and the US dollar’s core strengths, such as the size and openness of the US economy and the safety of the US treasury market, contribute to its resilience. As negotiations continue regarding the debt ceiling, it remains crucial for policymakers to reach an agreement and avoid the potentially catastrophic consequences of a US default. In the near term, the US dollar is poised to maintain its dominance in international trade and finance, serving as the backbone of the global financial system.

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